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by: J. A. Kennedy A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

With each level of purpose gained, the character has the ability to spend a blood point and return to the health level equal to their dots in Purpose. The kindred still faces the wound penalties as if they were right above incapacitated, but they are still capable of 'normal' actions (those that normally would not require any exertion). The character must concentrate upon their actions, and cannot attempt any form of rest. They must stay focused. As soon as the character breaks concentration, they become limp and return to incapacitated status.

This discipline was created by an angry Pander, who was forced to travel all over the world, over three decades to reap his vengeance. He would have been killed many times over were it not for the blood in his veins mixing with his will to succed. This discipline should be left to the storyteller for purposes of acquiring it. It took years to create and should be harder to acquire than others.

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