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Gangrel Runic Sorcery

by: Bleep A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Most think of the Gangrel as simple country bumpkins, incapable of anything close to Thaumaturgy. But a few Gangrel left over from the Viking era remember the power of runes, and were able to combine the power of primitive Nordic rune magic with the inherent power of the blood of Caine. This power is still rather rare among the Gangrel, though with the clan's secession from the Camarilla, and it's preparation for Gehenna, this power has begun to be filtered down to some of the younger members of the clan. The Tremere would be quite surprised to find out just how potent this 'primitive shamanism' is.

System-wise, this works like Thaumaturgy for the purpose of experience points, though is an out of clan discipline. Any path may be primary. Each path has its own system to roll, and does not necessarily require the Willpower roll like Thaumaturgy. Every path, as you could probably already imagine, requires the carving or drawing of the appropriate runes. Botching this path is very dangerous, as improperly carving runes can result in all manner of disasters, from actually decreasing one's attributes to summoning a demon by accidentally carving his name. Storytellers, let your imaginations fly when a player botches

Body Runes

This path concerns itself with using runes to increase ones own physical prowess. To use this path, the runecaster must actually carve the runes into his very flesh. Each casting costs one blood point. The wounding is superficial, so it does not actually inflict health levels of damage. However, it is quite painful, so use of this increases difficulty to resist frenzy by one. All trait increases may bring the Rune Smith over his generational max.

Rune of Resilience
This rune is carved over the heart of the caster. Roll Willpower (difficulty 7). Each success grants one temporary point of Fortitude for two turns per success.

Rune of Giant's Strength ●●
This rune is carved on the arms of the caster. Roll Willpower (difficulty 7). Each success adds one temporary point of Potence for one turn per success.

Rune of Agility ●●●
This rune is carved on the forearms and hands of the caster. Roll Willpower (difficulty 7). Each success adds one point of Dexterity for two turns per success.

Rune of Speed ●●●●
This rune is carved on the legs of the caster. Roll Willpower (difficulty 8). Each success grants the caster one point of Celerity for one turn per success. This point is used just like normal Celerity, and requires the appropriate blood expenditure.

Rune of Wisdom ●●●●●
Carved into the forehead of the rune caster, this requires a Willpower roll (Difficulty 8). Each success increases the intelligence of the user by one for the remainder of the scene.

Rune Smithing

This path concerns itself with the carving of runes on object to increase their usefulness, namely weapons and armor. The appropriate runes must be carved into the object. These affects last until the rune or object is destroyed.

Rune of Shielding
This rune can be carved into any piece of armor or shield, be it platemail or a flack jacket, ancient buckler or Plexiglas riot shield. This requires a Willpower roll (difficulty 7). Each success increases the soak value of the armor by one, and the caster then immediately spends one blood point per success.

Rune of Wounding ●●
This can be carved into any thing suitable for a melee weapon. Roll Willpower (difficulty 7). Each success adds one point of lethal damage to the damage value of the weapon, and all other damage from the weapon is considered lethal, even if the weapon usually causes bashing damage. The caster spends one blood point per success.

Rune of Binding ●●●
This rune is applied to anything used to restrain an individual, be it ropes, chains, or a straitjacket. In the case of restraints where there is no room to carve the runes, and piece of metal or stone with the rune carved on it tied to the rope or chain will suffice. Roll Willpower (difficulty 7). Each success adds one to the amount of successes required to break the restraints. The caster then spends one blood points per success.

Rune of Slaying ●●●●
Carved into a weapon, this weapon now causes aggravated damage to those it wounds. This will also cause damage to incorporeal creatures, such as wraiths or spirits. This power requires a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) and the expenditure of three blood points.

Rune of Fiery Doom ●●●●●
A weapon with this rune carved into it is very hot to the touch. Anything wounded by this weapon takes aggravated damage and immediately catches on fire. Wielding this weapon increases the difficulty of resisting frenzy by two. Casting this rune requires a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) and the spending of five blood points.

Consulting the Runes

With this path, the Rune Caster throws down a bag of runes, and looks to the pattern of the runes for enlightenment. When using this path, the caster spends a Willpower point and then rolls Intelligence plus their rating in this path, difficulty varies depending on what answers the rune caster is specifically looking for. Like any soothsaying, the storyteller should be vague and present answers in images as opposed to words.

Before the caster can use this path, he must make a bag of runes, carved in stone, wood, or bones, personal preference really. Carving from the bones of say, a mage, a Lupine shaman, or any other similar wise creature might decrease the difficulty of using this path. Carving the runes in the bag requires a Wits + Occult roll (difficulty 8) and the expenditure of 3 blood points.

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