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Combination Discipline Power: Avoidance of Alternation

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by: Don Lara for Sanguinus Curae

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Requirements: Vicissitude 4, Fortitude 4

The blood of the Fiends runs thick in the veins of their Clan members. So thick, in fact, that some masters of the flesh-shaping arts have built up a certain amount of resistance to their unique abilities being turned back upon them.



Tabletop cost: 18 experience points

With the acquisition of this power, a Tzimisce may now make a Stamina + Fortitude roll when having either Fleshcraft or Bonecraft used against them. If the player rolls more successes on their Stamina + Fortitude roll than the attacker did in attempting to strike the Tzimisce with Fleshcraft or Bonecraft, the character might still be subject to bashing or lethal damage from the strike, but the Vicissitude will simply not work upon them.

However, this roll may only be made if the attacker Vampire is of a higher Generation than the defender. A Vampire with lower Generation blood in their veins can override even this supernatural resistance.

Storytellers should take care in determining how and why a character might learn of this ability, as it is a closely guarded secret among the Fiends, and allows for the possibility of negating two entire levels of a discipline.

Note: This power should be acquired by Tzimisce only.


MET cost: 12 experience points

When attempting to use Vicissitude upon a character with this power, an attacker must first make a physical challenge against the total of (the target's stamina-based traits) + (their rating in Fortitude). If the attacker loses this test, his Vicissitude simply fails to work on the target, though Bashing or Lethal damage might still apply.

Example: Jake wants to swipe Amy across the face using Fleshcraft. He first makes the Physical challenge to strike Amy. Winning that, he must then make an additional Physical challenge against Amy's stamina-based traits (4) + her rating in Fortitude (4). So, Jake must make a physical challenge against 8 traits. He loses this test, so Fleshcraft simply fails to affect Amy's character. He did strike her, however, so regular bashing damage will still apply to Amy's character.

Again, this power is irrelevant when facing a Vampire of lower generation.


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