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Combination Discipline Power: Commute the Remnant Spirit

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by: Don Lara for Sanguinus Curae

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Requirements: Auspex ***, Dominate ***, Presence***

With this subtle exertion of mental control, a Vampire may now alter or imbibe an object with the spiritual and emotional flashes of his own choosing. This talent is useful in concealing the true importance and/or history of certain items, prior to their being scanned with the ability of Spirit's Touch.

For example, a Vampire might stake another Vampire for the purpose of leaving him for the next sunrise. In order to help conceal her crime from future investigation, she would merely need to take hold of the stake and alter the emotional and visual images she might have left upon it while enacting the deed.

Also, a Vampire may take an object that has no significant psychic impressions, and 'give' it some, for use as false evidence or to leave a false clue for pursuers.



Tabletop cost: 12 experience points

The character must first use Spirit's Touch to scan an object's aura, to know what impressions already exist within the object. Then, while holding the item the character wishes to alter psychically, the player rolls Manipulation + Empathy, difficulty 7, and spends a Blood point and one Willpower point. Each success allows the character to either erase or replace either one emotional, or one visual impression possessed by the object.

(Note: at Storyteller discretion, the number of impressions one may alter or erase may be limited to the number of successes on the initial Spirit's Touch roll, as the character cannot alter what she does not know.)

For a future party to detect the alteration of the object's aura, that individual must gain more successes on her Spirit's Touch roll than the first player did in rolling to alter the object with Commute the Remnant Spirit. Otherwise, the impressions left by 'Commute the Remnant Spirit' are indistinguishable from actual psychic impressions.


MET cost: 6 experience points

The player must first scan the object in question using Spirit's Touch. Player then makes a Mental Challenge against 7 traits while holding the object in question. If she wins the challenge, she may either alter or erase one of its present psychic impressions (Subterfuge may be used as a retest for enacting this power). For each Mental trait the player spends after that, she may either erase or replace one emotional or visual impression possessed in the object.

(The easiest way to handle this is to make an item card for the object, and supply a list of the impressions altered to an ST or Narrator, so that he/she will know what to tell someone should they scan it with Spirit's Touch.)

To detect the alteration, one must first scan the object with Spirit's Touch. Upon garnering the false impressions left by the first character, the investigating player must then win, not tie, in a simple test (no trait risk) against the number of mental traits possessed by the first character at the time of the initial test to alter the object.

Example: Harry wins the test to use Commute the Remnant Spirit on a book. At the time of that first test, Harry had 9 Mental traits. Later, Jessica uses Spirit's Touch on the book. After getting the false impressions Harry left behind, an ST/Narrator engages Jessica in a simple Mental test against 9 traits. Only if she wins does Jessica detect that some or all of the impressions are somehow fabricated.


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