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Discipline Expansions for Malkavians

by: Gavin Bennett A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

The Descendants of Malkav have access to the following disciplines:
- Thaumaturgy
- Auspex
- Obfuscate
- Dementation

The dark mystery of the spread of Dementation is still just that - a mystery. The Warders are mystified by its spread. That is not to say, however, that they do not appreciate it.

There is a second side to Auspex, sundry powers, available to any who desire them. They only require half the experience cost to purchase.

Receptacle: This power opens the Malkavian's mind to the Madness Network. It allows him to hear the whispers of the Nahemoth and the plans of other Malkavians, albeit in a very disjointed manner.
Just what the Malkavian hears with this power is up to the Storyteller.
● Hear vague utterings while he sleeps.
●● Has sudden migraines and schizophrenic voices which open the Malkavian to visions of the thoughts of other Malkavians.
●●● Can hear the voice of the Nahemoth, clearly.
●●●● The user functions as a 'sysop' of the network, potentially aware of all traffic on the Network in a given are.
●●●●● The Malkavian closes his eyes and can hear it all. He needs to make a Willpower check against a difficulty of 7 to not gain another Derangement each time he opens up.

Seeing: (Auspex 3) (This does not have to be purchased)
This is again, not so much an active power as a passive reception. It allows the user to catch involuntary glimpses of the world, the real world beyond all illusions. With this power, the user sees the world as it is, not as humans perceive it. They see reality. They see the filth, the grime, the oppression, the auras of people all dull and glimmering, as they pass. They see humanity as they really are: meat. They see the dark spirits hovering close to everything. They see the ghosts of the dead hovering close. They can see the black flickers of magic as the World of Darkness carries on its own downward spiral. And looking up into the sky, they can see the glow from the fires of Hell, getting closer each day. This is reality.
System: A storyteller function to add a degree of fear and loathing into a story. Basically, any Malkavian with Auspex 3 or above, gets odd glimpses of the real world, at certain times. When they are in pain, when they are tired, when they are low on Blood, when they are hungry. It means the character gets to see the world as it is. Imagine you could see the world as being filled with walking, talking cattle, surrounded by flies and their insides filled with liver fluke? That's something akin to what the Malkavian sees. But worse, the Malkavian can see past the veils, see the ghosts, see the Banes as they really are, see other Vampires, see the demons walking amongst us, even if they claim to be Changelings, or Werewolves. They can also identify the beautiful Lilin, as they are, cruel and dark and terrible.

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