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Combination Discipline Power: Rhythm of the Altered Flesh

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by: Don Lara for Sanguinus Curae

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Requirements: Auspex 3, Vicissitude 3

Like the Toreador that take so much pride in their respective areas of the arts, so too do the Tzimisce appreciate the skill in which their flesh-shaping ability is applied.

Some time ago, one Elder among the Fiends, so critical of his pupils' talents, developed this ability for nothing more than evaluating the quality of his students' work. With but a touch upon a living "sculpture," the Elder, with a slight mental effort, was able to attain the impressions of the totality of the work done on the subject, and was even to gain glimpses of the one who did the reshaping.

Later generations of Fiends have found other merits to this useful investigative ability, however. It is used in the Final Nights to uncover fleshy deceptions, as much as it is used to admire the morbid art of the crafting of flesh.



Tabletop cost: 10 experience points

Upon the character physically touching the skin of the target to be evaluated, the player rolls Perception + (character's rating in Vicissitude), difficulty 7. Certain facts may be discovered, depending on the number of successes gained:

1 success: Can determine whether the target has ever had Vicissitude used upon them

2 successes: Can determine what areas of the body have been altered

3 successes: Can retrieve a mental image of the original appearance of the subject prior to alteration

4 successes: Can get a vague impression of the person (or persons) that did the alteration(s)

5 successes: Can get a clear image of the person (or persons) that did the alteration(s)


MET cost: 6 experience points

The player must physically touch the target, which may require a physical challenge at the ST's discretion. However, casual contact (a handshake, a kiss) requires no physical challenge. Once contact has been achieved, the player makes a static Mental challenge against the target's Social traits. A win gains the player the information described above for 1 rolled success. Treat the additional information described above as requiring that many more Mental traits to be expended to gain the associated information.

Example: Tony wins his challenge to scan Kayla using Rhythm of the Altered Flesh. From this win, he learns that she has, at some point, been the victim of Vicissitude. In order to find out what she looked like prior to the Vicissitude, he would then need to spend an additional 2 Mental traits, thus equating to three tabletop successes, as described above, to gain a mental image of her original appearance.


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