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Combination Discipline Power: Sense of Shadows

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by: Don Lara for Sanguinus Curae

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Requirements: Obtenebration 5 + Auspex 2

Expanding one's overdeveloped senses into the realms of the controllable Abyss, a Vampire can gain a limited sense of physical actions taken within, or against, those shadows he/she controls.


1. The Vampire casts an Arm of the Abyss around a gun and its holster, securing the gun in place unbeknownst to its owner. With this power, the Vampire will have an intuitive sense if the Gunslinger attempts to pull out his gun, as his Arm is tugged upon, even if the individual is outside the Vampire's normal vision.

2. The Vampire casts Shroud of Night around a targeted area. Even if away from the area, the Vampire will be consciously aware if anyone, or anything, breaches the Shroud. In a shadowy stronghold, this could be a very effective security precaution.

Sense of Shadows costs nothing to use; once achieved, the Vampire must simply make a conscious decision to allow in the physical sensations of a defined, controlled shadow (pulling, struggling, stretching, tugging, or movement within the shadow).

You must announce which shadow you intend to sense to the Storyteller upon choosing to invoke this talent.

Only one manifested shadow can be sensed at a time. Therefore, a Vampire may create 10 Arms of the Abyss, but will only be able to selectively sense one of them.

There is a drawback to this power, however.

If a chosen sensed shadow is destroyed by fire, sunlight, or other physical means there is a psychic backlash against the Vampire, causing one level of lethal damage. This damage occurs only when the shadow is destroyed, but not in the course of its destruction.

Example: An Arm of the Abyss possesses four health levels. While the Vampire may sense the Arm being struggled against physically, he will not be aware of any burning sensations, or any of the Arm's health levels disappearing, until such time as it is destroyed. This damage cannot be soaked (Tabletop) or reduced with Fortitude (MET), as it is a psychic assault caused by the Vampire's own conscious choice.

Sense of Shadows lasts as long as the selected shadow lasts. It cannot be 'turned off' unless the shadow itself is destroyed, or the Vampire consciously banishes the manifested shadow.

Tabletop cost: 18 experience points

MET cost: 9 experience points


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