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Combination Discipline Power: Sex & Death

by:Don Lara A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Potence 2, Necromancy 2

Tabletop cost: 4 experience points
MET cost: 2 experience points

Through centuries of well-known hedonism and incest, there has emerged an odd side effect to the masters of death magic: at times, their physical prowess, combined with their dark dabbling in the realm of the undead, imparts a temporary sight into the shroud to those they might be sharing in the more 'carnal' of activities.

Tabletop and MET:
No roll or test is necessary for this...'ability' to take place. For the duration of a sexual encounter, the other consenting (or perhaps not consenting) person is granted the effects of 'Shroud Sight,' regardless of what Necromantic Paths the Vampire/Ghoul may be schooled in. The other player or NPC need not make a roll to perceive any spirits or spiritual reflections that might be around; this side effect is imparted upon them by the residual Necromantic energy present in the Vampire/Ghoul.

(Note: Forgive me for having thought this up, but after reading the Giovanni Clanbook, it really made too much sense not to. -DL)

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