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Combination Discipline Power: Exerting the Shadows' Will

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by: Don Lara for Sanguinus Curae

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Requirements: Obtenebration 5, Dominate 6 (Obedience)

Tabletop cost: 24 experience points

MET cost: 12 experience points

Upon the mastery of one's physical form and the shadows from which he draws strength, as is the result of Tenebrous Form, the Vampire can, to a small extent, reach out his physical presence within the shadows he controls.

Coupling this talent with a mastery of Dominate, the Vampire can now exert his or her mental Will through this tenuous physical connection with the controllable Abyss.

Upon gaining this talent, a Vampire can now use his or her Arms of the Abyss as an extension of their own physical presence when invoking the power of Obedience. Instead of actually having to physically touch a target, the Vampire merely needs to have an established Arm come into contact with an individual to activate his powers of domination.

Any commands made by the Vampire still require the target to hear his voice. And in MET, a Physical challenge may be required when attempting to first make contact with an Arm, prior to the normal challenges necessary when using Dominate.


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