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Astrometric Thaumaturgy
(Assamite Sorcery)

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by: Tariq ibn Faroud for Sanguinus Curae

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While playing through the Transylvania Chronicles, my group had extensive involvement with the Tremere. This led to an interest in Thaumaturgy, and most of our characters gained at least passing familiarity with it. My Assamite character created this path as a means of supporting his clan disciplines after realizing that the other thaumaturgy paths he knew of were, while interesting and useful in certain situations, limited in the scope of their application. Because Astrometric Thaumaturgy deals with the moon and stars, it seemed only natural for someone bred in a desert environment where the night sky is bright and clear. Practitioners of this path use the energy of the moon and stars to fuel their abilities. System-wise, it functions just like any other Thaumaturgy path. Spend a blood point and make a willpower roll, difficulty of the path level + 3.

Glow in the Dark

The vampire may cause objects for 15 feet in any direction, himself included, to take on a silver-white glow. Each success on the roll equals either another glowing object or concentrating on a single object, causing it to glow very brightly. People witnessing this glow must make a wits roll to react, difficulty 6, although circumstances may change the difficulty of the roll. The Storyteller should reward creative applications. For example, making the Ventrue lord that's been a pain for your group shine while he walks through the town square. This may be accompanied by shouts of "He's a Warlock, get him," at which point said Lord is forced to flee while being chased by hordes of peasant villagers wielding pitchforks and torches.

Star's Eyes ●●

The vampire can see through flames and observe what is taking place around the blaze. The fire must be someplace the vampire has already been. The clarity of the vampire's vision depends on the number of successes he rolls.

Moonshine ●●●

The vampire may coat objects for 15 feet in any direction to be covered in silver-white flames. Weapons coated in this manner cause aggravated damage similar to regular fire. Depending on circumstances, a wits or courage roll may be necessary. If your boots begin burning, you must think quickly, or if someone charges you with a flaming sword, that might naturally want to turn and run.

Star Flare ●●●●

The vampire may cause silver-white flames to spring into existence anywhere he has been or can perceive (this includes use of Auspex). These flames cause damage under the same rules as normal fire. The size of the blaze depends on the number of successes rolled.

Moonfire's Vengeance ●●●●●

This ability allows creation of forms or tendrils of silver-white light that work under the same rules as the Obtenebration power Arms of the Abyss. Instead of coming from a nearby light source, the arms come from the vampire himself. The tendrils can grasp, pull, push, or throw. They can yank objects back to the Vampire. If the vampire has Potence 2, the tendrils can support his body weight. They may be used for swinging or climbing (think Tarzan). Naturally this is somewhat unsettling to anyone who witnesses it. Depending on the number of successes rolled, the vampire may choose to create many tendrils or make one really long tendril.


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