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Melpominee: Banshee Wail

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by: Reno Camilani for Sanguinus Curae

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Melpominee Level 7 Variant

While the Daughters of Cacophony are known for their beautiful voices, the word 'powerful' may be more accurate to describe them. They are masters of ventriloquism, voice projection, and empathic singing. Some of the Daughters, though, have some decidedly more 'painful' powers. With Banshee Wail, a Kindred skilled in Melpominee may unleash the powers of her voice into a deafening shriek. Louder than heavy machinery, jet engines, and sonic booms, nothing can compare to the volume of Banshee Wail. The Daughter must be careful however, it may be a breach in the Masquerade if she shatters all of the windows within three blocks.


The character spends two blood points to pump up her voice box and then spends a turn to crescendo her voice. At the beginning of the next turn, the deafening wail damages everything in a radius equal to the Daughter's Strength + Performance in yards. Anything in the radius that can hear rolls Stamina + Fortitude (difficulty 7, increased to 9 if they're using Heightened Senses, or difficulty 5 if they're hearing impaired). The base amount of aggravated damage is 10, lowered by one for each success on the Stamina roll. Most creatures hold their ears and collapse, as the splitting pain overloads their mind. Also, anything within ten feet and directly in front of the Daughter's mouth is pushed physically away from her. In addition, the wail damages inanimate objects in the area, eroding building material, cracking metal, and shattering glass (Storyteller's discretion, generally). Banshee Wail is a devastating attack when used effectively. It may be used only once every five minutes, however, in order for the voice box to recuperate.


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