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Obeah: Regenerate

by: Reno Camilani A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Obeah Level 7 Variant

It's a known fact that the body you have when you are embraced is the one you keep for all eternity. If you have a mustache and goatee, you'll keep it. If you have long nails, they'll always be with you, and they'll grow back if they're broken. If you're lame, you'll be limping forever. But, like many myths surrounding the Kindred, this one is a fallacy. Some Salubri have managed to refine their abilities enough to actually trigger the regrowth of long-lost tissue and organs in a Kindred body. Impossible as it may seem, this power is only useful for healing. Vain vampires who wish to regrow their hair had better look for other options.


The Kindred spends three blood points and a turn in physical contact with the subject (who needs to be willing, though that's hardly a problem). At the end of the turn, any physical afflictions that the subject has are negated. This includes the following flaws: Bad Sight, One Eye, Disfigured, Deformity, Lame, Permanent Wound, Deaf, and Blind. Other flaws may be corrected at the Storyteller's discretion. Also, any wounds suffered by the subject are instantly healed (including aggravated damage). A character may use this power on himself.

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