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Protean: Ride the Wave

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by: Reno Camilani for Sanguinus Curae

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Protean Level 4 Variant

Some City Gangrel Antitribu, not interested in the animalistic tendencies of their ancestors, have learned a new option of Protean that is considerably more at home with the Sabbat. While most Kindred have to concentrate exceptionally hard to gain even the slightest modicum of control of themselves during frenzy, Gangrel with this power find that a lot of the work has been done for them. They may control themselves relatively frequently during frenzy, and have some say over when the frenzy ends (or when it doesn't end, as the case may be).


The character spends a blood point at the beginning frenzy if she wishes to ride the wave. She then makes a Self-Control roll (difficulty 8). Success means that the character may ride the wave of the frenzy. In game terms, this means that the character regains control over her senses to some degree. She may enact one action every other turn. If the action isn't related to violence or passion in some way, the Storyteller isn't likely to allow it. This is most useful when a relatively simple action is desired, such as when a player wishes to have his character dive into the nearest open sewer manhole instead of diving at the nearest Lupine that her pack member has dimwittedly angered. Also, every Willpower point spent by the character decreases or increases (her choice) her time in frenzy (Storyteller's discretion).


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