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Quietus: Quell the Lingering Soul

by: Reno Camilani A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Quietus Level 7 Variant

One of the little-known side effects of Amaranth is that often the victim's soul is not entirely subsumed and gets trapped within the diablerist's body. From that point on, there is a constant struggle between the souls for domination of the body. Some Assamites, who often diablerize dozens of Kindred throughout their murderous careers, have found a way to isolate the foreign soul and squash it - at least temporarily. Older Assamites with this power having nothing to fear from remnant souls. This power may also be used on occupant souls that haven't been stolen through diablerie (demonic possession or some Auspex powers, for example).


The Kindred spends two Willpower points and rolls her permanent Willpower in an extended and resisted action against the Willpower of the foreign soul. If the soul is in the body through the use of a high-level discipline, three points are required. The target number of successes is the Kindred's current generation doubled (i.e., a sixth-generation character would be shooting for twelve successes). If the character loses, nothing happens (besides the loss of the Willpower points). If the Kindred loses with half as many successes (or less) then the lingering soul, his body is taken over by the soul for one round for each success in the difference between the two scores (i.e., if the aforementioned sixth-generation diablerist had five successes when his opponent scored twelve, the soul takes over for seven rounds). If the character wins the contest by only one or two successes, the soul is 'trampled down' for one week per Willpower point spent (with a base of two weeks for the first two Willpower points). If the diablerist gets three or more successes more than the lingering soul, the soul is destroyed (the Storyteller, however, may rule that the soul got out just in time and is free to find another body, but is forever prevented from entering the diablerist's body again). If the soul is in the body through the use of Disciplines, it is forced out if the character wins with any number of successes (but may not be destroyed through the use of this power).

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