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Combination Disciplines II

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by: Mariel for Sanguinus Curae

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Restoring the Mortal Visage

Requirements: Protean 4, Presence 1

While many Gangrel embrace their bestial nature, some find it convenient to pass among humans or among other Kindred without gaining notice. This power allows the Gangrel to use their natural powers of shape-shifting to enhance their natural appearance and temporarily counteract their animal features.

System: Spend a single point of blood and gain two extra dots in appearance until dawn.

Cost: Medium (Cannot be learned by non-Gangrel)

Bully's Knack

Requirements: Potence 2, Presence 2, Dominate 1

Brujah who have mastered both physical and social arts understand how to use their physical prowess to enhance their social abilities. By emphasizing their physical strength, they can effectively terrify others.

System: Add Potence (as dice) to all intimidation rolls.

Cost: Low

Igniting the Righteous Rage

Requirements: Potence 3, Animalism 3 (Path of the Beast)

Those Kindred who explore and understand their inner rage understand equally well how to ignite it in others through violence.

System: Every time you successfully hit someone with your fists, they have to roll frenzy at difficulty 4 + (points of damage taken)

Cost: High

So What?

Requirements: Presence 2, Fortitude 2

The natural Brujah resistance to authority is reinforced by supernatural toughness to give rebels a chance to resist emotional manipulation.

System: If a person tries to use Presence on you and fails or botches their roll, it is as if you have the equivalent of the Tremere ritual 'Pavis of Foul Presence': the power they tried to use on you reflects back on them.

Cost: High (Cannot be learned by non-Brujah)

Je Ne Sais Quoi

Requirements: Presence 3, Animalism 3 (Path of the Beast)

Filtering the primal urges of the Beast through the social niceties of Presence makes the Brujah sexually irresistible to mortals of the appropriate sexual orientation. The Kindred literally seems to ooze raw sex appeal: think James Dean or Marilyn Monroe.

System: Functions as Presence 3 on ALL mortals of the appropriate sexual orientation within a 10 foot radius.

Cost: Medium

Sipping at Memory's Cup

Requirements: Auspex 3, Dominate 2

Toreador have a passionate appreciation of beauty in all its forms. Those with this power can elicit the most meaningful, passionate and emotional moments of a mortal's life and actually experience them.

System: Allows the user to literally experience the most powerful moments of a mortal's life. While this power is in use, the Toreador is entranced as per the Toreador weakness. After the power's use is complete, the Kindred retains a memory of the event in as much (or possibly more) detail as the mortal does.

Cost: Medium (Cannot be learned by non-Toreador)

Tipping the Hourglass

Requirements: Celerity 3, Fortitude 2

Some Toreador have learned to channel their incredible speed over the course of hours rather than moments. While at any moment they move more slowly than they certainly could, they are able to sustain extraordinarily fast movement for much longer than the blood expended would suggest.

System: Use Celerity to perform extended actions, such as painting or speed-reading, about 50% faster. Each point of blood spent lasts for your Celerity rating in hours. However, each point of blood spent only works for a single kind of action; any interruption of more than five minutes or switch of activity requires a new expenditure of blood. This power confers no benefit in combat.

Cost: High

Esau's Curse

Requirements: Animalism 4 (Path of the Beast), Auspex 2

This power allows a Gangrel to use their knowledge of a target's weaknesses and their own mastery of the powers of the Beast. Combined, they can simply touch a target to cause his Beast to manifest physically, as the Gangrel's own does.

System: You must make a successful Knowing the Beast roll. By then touching the affected Kindred, you can cause them to temporarily gain one animal feature for each frenzy they have ever experienced. They lose a point of a social attribute for every five frenzies, as per the Gangrel weakness. This effect lasts for one hour for every success on the original Animalism roll, or until dawn, whichever comes first.

Cost: High


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