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Combination Discipline Power: Animalism Rituals

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by: Caios for Sanguinus Curae

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Requirements: Protean 4, Animalism (Path of Beasts) 4

Cost: High/Low - see below

Caveats: Cannot be learned by non-Gangrel, must be taught - see below.

Gangrel who have truly mastered both their innate shape-changing abilities and their connection to the animal world can shift their bodies to gain some of the extraordinary abilities of the animals. However, these powers must be focused through a ritual. A Gangrel will instinctively know the rituals associated with their own two forms when they learn the original power, but gaining the powers of other beasts requires a teacher. The original power is quite difficult to learn, but each additional ritual is relatively easy to learn if one has a teacher.

Perform a ritual and gain the powers associated with a particular animal. Buying the original power (at a HIGH experience cost) also gives you the two rituals associated with your own animal forms, and the base power does not need to be taught. However, other rituals require another Gangrel who knows the powers of that form as a teacher and can be bought at an experience cost proportional to the power gained (generally a LOW experience cost). The form of the rituals vary greatly from Gangrel to Gangrel - the main thing being taught is the nature of the power and the inner nature of the animal in question. Performing the ritual takes at LEAST five minutes per level of the ritual. Each power requires a point of blood during the ritual and lasts until dawn, unless otherwise noted. A list of suggested rituals for various animals follows, with tentative levels.

Level 1 rituals

  • Ears of the Bat: (bat form) functions as heightened senses for sound only.

  • Serpent's Tooth: (snake form) allows you to completely retract your fangs, invisible to even medical examination.

  • Scent of the Wolf: (wolf form) is heightened senses for smell.

  • Lion's Roar: (lion-form males) provides two extra dice for intimidation rolls, but requires the Gangrel to roar or shout loudly. Spend a point of blood while roaring.

  • Huntress's Gift: (lion-form females) adds two dice to hunting rolls.

  • Peacock's Splendor: (peacock form) adds two dice to seduction rolls.

  • Peahen's Nest: (peahen form) adds two dice to stealth rolls.

  • Plunge of the Hawk: (hawk form) allows you to take no damage from intentional falls up to 20 x (Stamina + Fortitude) feet. Each use requires a point of blood.

Level 2 rituals

  • Gazelle's Leap: (gazelle form) lets you spend a point of blood to make a superhuman jump of up to five times ordinary (10' x Strength + Potence vertically, 20' x Strength + Potence horizontally with a running start). This power can be used multiple times from a single invocation of the ritual, but each requires a point of blood.

  • Eagle Eyes: (eagle form) means that if you are at the highest point in eyesight, you can locate anything that is under the open sky and within your line of sight. Buildings do not impair line of sight, but natural obstacles such as hills do. The ritual must be performed at the same location where the power will be used.

  • Seal's Innocence: (seal form) makes you seem harmless; opponents with a humanity of seven or above will never attack you physically unless attacked first. Opponents can spend willpower to avoid this ability.

Level 3 rituals

  • Wisdom of the Owl: (owl form) grants a vision. This ritual takes a whole night to perform, and you are essentially helpless during this process. The ST should decide how accurate the vision is, and whether it is a vision of the past, present or future.

  • Curse of the Albatross: (sea-bird form) gives some protection against physical damage. If you are physically hurt while in bird form, the person who injured you loses two dice from ALL actions for a number of nights equal to the points of damage they did to you, as they suffer from terrible guilt and nightmares. If you are killed while in bird form, the person who killed you loses two dice from ALL actions for a number of months equal to your Humanity score.

Level 4 rituals

  • Coyote's Laugh: (coyote form) gives you an infectious laugh. When you laugh, the world laughs with you: the sound causes all within earshot to be incapacitated by hysterical laughter until they succeed in a Self-Control roll at difficulty 7. Doing something funny just before using this power increases the difficulty of the roll the affected people must make, up to difficulty 9 for a truly inspired prank. Each time you begin laughing with this power, you must spend a point of blood. While laughing, you are at a +2 difficulty to all other actions.

Level 5 rituals

  • Heart of the Bear: (bear form) raises your generational maximum stamina by one point.

  • Hugin's Whisper: (raven form) allows you to resist Presence with blood rather than Willpower. You may choose to substitute two points of blood for a point of Willpower when avoiding the effects of the discipline.

  • Munin's Shout: (raven form) allows you to resist Dominate with blood rather than Willpower. You may choose to substitute two points of blood for a point of Willpower when avoiding the effects of the discipline.



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