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Movement of the Mind

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by: Wraith 01 for Sanguinus Curae

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The Path of Movement of Mind, in my opinion, is a highly versatile path in the Tremere arsenal. There are many creative uses for this power—and I'm sure many have explored—but here are a few examples for those that may be needing some new ideas to spice up your chronicle or character.

The Blade Barrier

As the rules state, in Vampire the Masquerade, the amount of weight a Cainite may move with one's mind is directly in relation with their rank in the path. The number of objects one may wield is limited to weight alone. Therefore it stands to reason that even the most novice in the path can manipulate multiple sharp light objects (i.e. daggers and metal shards) and cause serious damage to an opponent. A Tremere can take, for instance, several daggers and circle his body in these constantly moving weapons and use it as a defense shield. (Weapons further enchanted with wards would even be more effective.) Or use this same tactic offensively, leaving little room for their opponent to get out of the way. The system for such manipulations would be strictly mental, of course. Storytellers should feel free to create whatever system they believe is both fair to players and their own stories. The rating in their path should affect damage, though, as more pressure can be exerted per individual weapon!

Lock Pick

Characters can manipulate whatever items that they can perceive using their own senses. The tumblers of a lock, for instance, can be manipulated by a Tremere to open with ease. The only problem is that these would-be locksmiths cannot see the items they wish to manipulate, as they are carefully tucked within the door they wish to open. Auspex could solve this dilemma for the characters. If the characters use Spirit's Touch (Auspex level 3), they would get a mental image of the object in its entirety. This isn't a very powerful tool but it may make a rather mediocre sorcerer seem a lot more interesting.


A clever sorcerer is often taught to utilize their powers to maximum effectiveness. Another usage for Movement of Mind would be to create simple illusions using powders or even sand to create rudimentary shapes, objects, and even distinct people. Since weight once again is the deciding factor, a novice could, for instance, manipulate up to 20 lb. of colored sand to make a fairly realistic impression of himself, a gun, or even a raging Lupine. Creativity in usage is the key! The storyteller should be the final arbiter of what can or cannot be done and which roll is necessary. This power isn't really an illusion, as there is something tangible used, and these creations cannot truly be effective in combat. And it should be extremely tasking to maintain and almost impossible to move! There are limits to a Cainite's mental abilities.

I have listed three possible creative uses of this Path. I believe any power can have multiple uses and creative potential, and that it is both the job of the storyteller and player to explore these boundaries. By doing so, it may help to limit what seems to be an infinite amount of new disciplines and vampire clans creeping into the World of Darkness. White Wolf has created a beautiful role-playing premise and it is our duty to expand on this!


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