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Vamping Out

by: Benjamin Evans A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

As with so many of the new disciplines invented by Inceptors, the 'Vamp Out' is based on popular culture's portrayal of vampires and seeks to make up for some of the flaws of thin blood. Inspired by the vampires of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the discipline allows a kindred to let the Beast—referred to by users of this power as the demon—come closer to the surface, making it easier to channel the blood into physical might. Experienced vamps (as practitioners of the discipline are known) can surprise elder Kindred with the suddenness of their extra power, though allowing the Beast so near the surface also has its down side.

Vamping out costs two blood points to activate, and the change takes one turn (usually three seconds). A vampire may remain vamped out for one scene, or until the character chooses to return to normal. While vamped out, the character experiences the following benefits and drawbacks:

  • The vamp's face takes on a more bestial, demonic aspect - a lower brow, feral eyes, and prominent fangs (which cannot be retracted during the power's duration). The vamp's Appearance is accordingly reduced by two, although all Intimidation rolls are made at -2 difficulty.
  • The Beast is drawn closer to the surface, so that for the duration of the power all rolls to resist frenzy or Rotschreck are made at +2 difficulty.
  • The real benefit of this power is the extra physical prowess it offers; for each dot of vamping out, a vamp receives two dots to distribute between physical attributes as they choose. These dots are temporary and act in every way as if the vamp had spent blood to enhance their physical attributes, except that all dots are bestowed in the same turn.

Note that like many Inceptor-created disciplines, Vamping Out has only three levels—the thin-blooded find it difficult enough to learn the higher levels of others' disciplines without trying to create their own, although it's possible that a full-blooded kindred who learns to vamp out may develop more power at it. It's also a 'weak' discipline at low levels, but that's also in keeping with it's origins - after all, it's not weak to be able to spend two blood in a turn to pump physical attributes when you're a high-generation Kindred!

Spike (who has named himself after his television hero) has Strength 3, Dexterity 4, and Stamina 3, and three dots in Vamping Out. He spends two blood points to activate the power, and after a turn he has become a bestial, demonic creature. Since he has three dots in the discipline, Spike has six temporary dots to allocate to his physical attributes as though he had spent blood to enhance them. Thus, he allocates three dots to strength, two to Dexterity, and one to Stamina, instantly giving him the benefit of Strength 6, Dexterity 6, and Stamina 4. He may further improve these scores using the normal rules for spending blood on physical attributes (paying especial attention to the temporary nature of scores more than one over the vampire's generational maximum).

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