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Combination Discipline Power: Annihilating the Fall

by: Caios A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Potence 4, Fortitude 4

While most Kindred do not fear falling relatively short distances, very high falls can be a serious problem. To get around this a Kindred can learn to channel the energy of her fall and release it away from their body safely.

System: When a Kindred falls any distance where he can take damage the Kindred may choose to activate this power. This power can only be activated properly if the Kindred actually hits a surface of any kind. The cost is one blood point and it must be spent before damage is rolled for the fall. Once the power is activated the Kindred can ignore a number of health levels of falling damage equal to the number of successes on a Strength + Fortitude roll. The difficulty can be set by the storyteller depending on how far you fell, otherwise it is normally 6. Keep in mind that Potence will still give you automatic successes on this roll. Whatever damage is successfully ignored is actually channeled into whatever stopped the Kindred's fall, so the results can be quite disastrous nonetheless. (Imagine falling from a plane and landing on a building only to have that building collapse due to massive structural failure.) This ability can also be used to avoid damage from being thrown, and other similar forms of damage.

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