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Assamite Sorcery Path: Ex Inferis

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by: Adamus for Sanguinus Curae

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The exact origins of this path of Assamite Sorcery are obscured in the mists of time. Some say that Al-Ashrad developed it after the clan's warrior caste's curse at the hands of the Baali. Other rumors are told that this path was incepted by an infernalist Sorcerer who managed to break his bonds of demonic slavery. Regardless of its origins, this path has become widely spread among the clan's blood magicians.

The path uses the same system as other Assamite Sorcery: the player rolls the Sorcerer's Willpower against a difficulty of the path's level + 3. Botches on this path usually result in fierce infernal retribution against the Sorcerer.

Pervideo (Survey) ●

Before you can fight the taint of the infernal, you must first find it. The first level of the Ex Inferis path enables the Sorcerer to locate infernalists in his vicinity. This power counts as a means of supernatural perception, thus enabling the Sorcerer to pierce Obfuscate and other cloaking powers in the same way as Auspex.

System: The number of successes determines the accuracy of this sensory input. One success will give the Sorcerer a vague indication of an infernal presence, while five successes will enable the caster to pick an infernalist accurately out of a thick crowd, and also determine the approximate level of corruption of the infernalist.

Venatio (The Chase) ●●

Infernalists that have been spotted rarely stick around to suffer their righteous punishment. As such the Sorcerer must have a means by which to track the infernalist. The movements of infernalists that have been discovered by use of Pervideo can be tracked by this power.

System: Once a Sorcerer has spotted an infernalist, he may cast Venatio and, if successful, a trail of light indicating the infernalist's traveled path will be visible to the Sorcerer. The number of successes determines the duration of this awareness:

1 success - 1 scene

2 successes - 1 hour

3 successes - 1 day

4 successes - 1 week

5+ successes - 1 lunar month

While this power is in effect the infernalist will experience a continuous feeling of being watched.

Adversor (Oppose) ●●●

Upon attaining this level of the path the Sorcerer can invoke a ward against infernal creatures. Infernalists and demon-possessed beings coming into contact with this ward will be expelled from it and will suffer intense pain, and even injury.

System: The ward extends ten feet around the Sorcerer for every success on the activation roll. Infernalists attempting to pass the ward and approach the Sorcerer, or already inside the ward's sphere when it is cast, will need to succeed in a contested Willpower roll against the Sorcerer. If the Infernalist wins the ward is broken. If the Sorcerer wins the Infernalist suffers a number of health levels of lethal damage equal to the excess successes of the Sorcerer (minimum 1) which may be soaked normally, and will be physically expelled from the ward's sphere.

Nominatim (By Name) ●●●●

The greatest weapon of war is information. With this power the Sorcerer can discover the name of the demonic patron the infernalist is enslaved to. This name can then be used for other sorcerous powers.

System: The Sorcerer must first have spotted the infernalist through the use of Pervideo, and must have a direct line of sight to the infernalist when invoking this power. The number of successes determines the accuracy of the information received. This power can be used only once per lunar month on an infernalist.





the infernalist's demonic patron's nature will be revealed (earth demon, Succubus, Yomi demon, Wyrm spirit, etc.)


nature and the primary name by which the demon is known (which is almost never its true name)


nature, primary name and a vague indication of the demon's power


nature, primary name and an accurate assessment of the demon's power and rank


nature, primary name, power, rank and the demon's True Name


Should the Sorcerer lack the number of successes to learn the demon's True Name, it is possible this information might be gained from intense study of demonic lores, using the clues that this power has revealed. To successfully discover the demon's True Name the Sorcerer must have access to an Occult Library worth a number of background points equal to (7-number of successes). For the Sorcerer to learn the demon's True Name from the gathered lores of such a library, the player must succeed on an Intelligence + Investigation roll, difficulty 9.

Example: Adamus Grayle, an Assamite Sorcerer, uses Name on a spotted infernalist. The Sorcerer's player rolls the Sorcerer's Willpower against a difficulty of 7 and has 3 successes. The Sorcerer discovers that the infernalist is enslaved to a Succubus commonly known as Azramaeon, which is moderately powerful. In order to learn Azramaeon's True Name the Sorcerer must gain access to an Occult Library worth 4 background points (7 minus 3 successes rolled), where he can further study the demon, using the already gained information. Adamus could also choose to wait one lunar month and then try to use this power again.

Periurium (Break the Oath) ●●●●●

If a Sorcerer has successfully discovered the True Name of the infernalist's demonic patron, the Sorcerer can temporarily sever the connection between the infernalist and its master, robbing the infernalist of its investments and daemonic powers.

System: If successful, the infernalist is unable to use any power (Investments, Dark Thaumaturgy) that was granted to it by its infernal patron. Powers inherent to the infernalist, such as those originating from the Demonic Heritage merit, remain unaffected. The number of successes determines the duration of this effect:

1 success - 1 turn

2 successes - 1 scene

3 successes - 1 hour

4 successes - 1 day

5 successes - 1 week

6+ successes - 1 lunar month


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