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Obtenebration: Shadow Reaver

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by: Alasdair for Sanguinus Curae

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Obtenebration Level Four Variant

While very similar to Dark Forge, Shadow Reaver is a much simpler and more effective discipline.

The vampire can use the darkness in her soul and call it out, causing a long blade to coil down her 'good' arm. The blade forms out from her palm and averages at 40 inches, however the length changes depending on the size of the vampire, to better suit her. The vampire can control the blade simply by moving the wrist.


The blade takes two turns to come forth and costs 1 blood point. The blade adds strength to the vampire's attack equal to her Obtenebration level, and the damage is aggravated as the unholy blade is made of the strength and anger that lingers in the Lasombra's darkened soul.


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