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Valeren: Bloodbath

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by: Reno Camilani for Sanguinus Curae

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Valeren Level Six Variant

Because of the purge concentrated on the Salubri by the Tremere, many Cyclops have had to develop new fighting skills and powers to protect them from the Warlocks. Valeren, in particular, has undergone many changes to accommodate the war between the clans. One such change is Bloodbath, a higher-level power that allows a Fury to bestow a measure of invincibility to a subject. It received its name because of the rather large amount of blood that must be transferred to the target.


The character spends four blood points, which must be applied to the target's skin. If a character is using this power on themselves, they only have to cut and bleed on themselves. After the blood points have been spent, the character makes a Willpower roll. Count how many successes are rolled, and add to it the character's highest physical Attribute score (So, if a character rolls five successes and her highest physical attribute is 5, she's got ten successes). These successes may be used in a number of different ways. They may be used on a point-for-point basis to raise the subject's physical attributes (maximum of 10), or to gain additional Wounded health levels. The successes may also be used to increase the duration of the power (default time is five turns, each success spent adds two more turns). The Valeren level 3 power Burning Touch can be bought for two successes, and the level 5 power Vengeance of Samiel can be bought for three successes. Each can be used once per turn for the duration of the power (and cost no blood), but both powers disappear once the duration ends (and then must be used under the normal rules until Bloodbath is used again).


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