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Thanatosis: Rot

by: Reno Camilani A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Thanatosis Level Six Variant

This is a relatively simple power, used by Samedi who wish to decompose inanimate objects. The second-level power of Putrefaction allows for the advanced rot of plant matter, but Rot works on anything. Its use is evident in its application, though: rotting a notebook will generally render it useless, but using Rot on a steel wall is unlikely to have any effect.

System: The character spends two blood points and a Willpower point. He then makes a Strength + Medicine roll at difficulty 7 (or Strength + Thanatology at difficulty 6) and touches his target. Each success is equivalent to two years in good decaying conditions (like watery, germ-infested soil). If used on a living or unliving creature, each success does a health level of lethal damage, and for every two successes, Appearance is reduced by one. Appearance points lost this way return at a rate of one per night for vampires, but is permanent to mortals. Just like with Putrefaction, if a mortal suffers three or more levels of damage from Rot, gangrene or other diseases may occur.

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