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Auspex: Stratagem

by: Reno Camilani A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Auspex Level Seven Variant

A low-generation vampire, one with a great understanding of his own mind and that of others (through Auspex), can memorize thought patterns of enemies, allowing him to react more quickly or even know in advance what his opponent plans to do next. This is more of a low-level telepathic scan than a mental probe, the Kindred simply picks up what his enemy is thinking in regards to the immediate future.

System: Spend two Willpower points and roll Perception + Empathy. The number of successes achieved equals how many opponents' actions may be discerned in a radius of Auspex times 50 feet. The character may choose which opponents he reads. The opponents' actions in the following turn are revealed, and it's up to the Kindred from there. This power lasts for a scene, but the character must roll every turn to see how many targets he can read.

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