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Auspex: Verbatim

by: Reno Camilani A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Auspex Level Six Variant

A simple power to understand, Verbatim allows a Kindred skilled in Auspex to remember everything he perceives, for the rest of existence. While it can be useful, the character will also never forget painful memories (unless drastic measures such as Dominate are employed). This is different from the merit Eidetic Memory, as the character never has any problems committing things to memory, and may recall anything at any time. Entire documents, pictures, etc., may be stored inside the vampire's head verbatim with less than a second of exposure to his eyes. If he hears a song once, he can hear it forever, exactly as it was played when he heard it. Smells, touches, and tastes may also be stored.

System: No cost is required and no roll is needed. The Kindred has a photographic memory and may recall everything that has happened to him in perfect clarity (since he learned the power). Also, the difficulty to use any memory-altering abilities against a vampire with Verbatim is automatically 10 and needs double the normal amount of successes to work.

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