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Nihilistics: Strip

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by: Reno Camilani for Sanguinus Curae

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Nihilistics Level Six Variant

A repugnant power, Strip is used to tear flesh off things. Some Nagaraja use Strip on a regular basis to better slake their need for skin. Most Nagaraja are already pretty cruel and sadistic, and this technique just adds fuel to the fire.


The character spends a Willpower point and looks at his target, making motions with his hands of the person's skin coming off. It doesn't have to be a person, it can be pretty much anything with skin (including trees and fruit). It doesn't even have to be alive, in fact, it's easier if it's dead. The character rolls Intelligence + Medicine at difficulty 8 if it's on a living or nonliving target, at difficulty 7 for an animal, difficulty 6 for a corpse. The difficulty is further reduced by one if the character uses Thanatology in place of Medicine. It may be even lower on a corpse in an advanced state of decay, at the Storyteller's discretion. The target (if it's living) rolls Stamina + Fortitude against the Nagaraja's successes (difficulty 7). Each success by the target neutralizes one success against the flesh-eater. However many successes are left are applied to the target in lethal health levels as his/her skin peels off and drops to the ground in a disgusting display of the power of the Kindred. Use of this power around a Kindred may be enough to send him/her into frenzy or Rotschreck, while using it on a Kindred will almost certainly cause a frenzy.


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