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Animalism: Manipulate the Offspring

by: Reno Camilani A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Animalism Level Six Variant

With Manipulate the Offspring, a Kindred skilled in Animalism can modify the genetic makeup of an animal before it is born. For instance, a character finds a horse he likes and decides that he wants the next foal it has to be even stronger. He uses this power and finds that the next foal is beautiful, strong, and fertile. Manipulate the Offspring can be used on almost any animal, and its effects don't have to be beneficial (imagine a two-headed calf). This power is especially popular with Nosferatu blood breeders and Tzimisce fleshcrafters.

System: The vampire spends three blood points and rolls Manipulation + Animal Ken. Difficulty depends on the complexity of the animal &Mac246; a bat would be simple to change compared to an orangutan (generally Storyteller's discretion, from 5 to 9). Each success allows the character to change something about the animal's next litter (Note: Subject does not have to be a female). A higher attribute would cost one dot per success, and other modifications (poison sacs, claws, wings, more or less anything the character can think of) cost a variable amount of successes at the Storyteller's discretion. Also, the modifications affect the entire litter - a horse may only have one foal, but a dog may have a half-dozen puppies, and who knows how many rats might be born in one litter. Remember that the modifications have to be relative to be realistic - it's possible that a rat might have a Strength of four, but it would be bear-sized.

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