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Potence: Cling

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by: Reno Camilani for Sanguinus Curae

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Potence Level Six Variant

Some Kindred are so strong that they can grip flat surfaces with their bodies. A vampire skilled enough in Potence can learn Cling. Cling enables the user to move on walls, ceilings, sheer surfaces, pretty much anything that's solid and will support the Kindred's weight. The vampire has to keep her hands on the surface at all times, but her feet can also be used to hold herself (if they're bare).

Note: This power differs from the higher-level Celerity power Zephyr. A vampire using Cling is not moving quickly to stay on the wall, he's just strong enough to grip it.


No roll or blood expenditure is required to use this power. If something tries to prevent the character from being on the surface, roll Strength + Athletics to see if he stays on (difficulty is the number of successes the challenger rolled). If the character picks both of her hands off the surface and her feet aren't bare, she falls off.


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