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Celerity: Teleport

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by: Reno Camilani for Sanguinus Curae

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Celerity Level Seven Variant

After centuries of unlife, some Kindred no longer have to move from place to place. They're just there. With Teleport, a vampire can disappear from a location and reappear in another location. There's no transit time, and tangible objects don't get in the way any more than air does. At the entry and exit points, there's a ghostlike shimmer of the vampire before she appears/disappears. The entire process takes less than a second, though.


No roll is required, but two blood points must be spent. The character may teleport up to 25 feet away for every dot of Dexterity she possesses. If another solid object occupies the spot, decide whether the vampire or the object has the bigger mass. If the Kindred does, then the other object is shoved out of the way. If the object does, the Kindred jumps directly next to the object. Teleport happens so quickly that it does not count as an action, and normal Celerity may even be used in the same turn.


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