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Storytelling Vampire: the Masquerade

Worldbuilding in a WoD: Cities Dramatic Damage I: Soak Values
Storytelling vs. Gaming Dramatic Damage II: Impacts
Approaching Disciplines Dramatic Damage III: Being Thrown
Age and Generation Revised Weapons and Armor I
Roleplaying Experience Revised Weapons and Armor II
Health and Health Levels Revised Weapons and Armor III
Optional Damage Rules Vampiric Population Density
Vampire: the Masquerade Books The Bahari, a.k.a. Followers of Lilith

Time of Thin Blood

ToTB Alternatives I ToTB Alternatives III
ToTB Alternatives II  

Chronicle Ideas

Power Play
The balance of power is shifting in a Camarilla city.
Sleeping Lion
A Methuselah is stirring beneath the city.
A New Eden
It is a new world, ripe for the seizing.
Horror That I Am
The newly embraced must cope with life and death and all it entails.
Radio Free America
Two sects plot to gain control of Anarch territory.

Villian Templates

Mobea, Gangrel Elder Alice Haverford, Ventrue Neonate


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