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Revised Weapons and Armor I

by: Bleep A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

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I am a US Marine Infantryman, and I have some issues with the stats on military equipment listed by white wolf. For one, the storytellers companion has the AK-47 with a longer range than the M-16. Wrong. You would be luckey to hit someone on full auto at 300 meters with an AK. Also, Kevlar is not as bullet proof as you might think. We had a demonstration at the School of Infantry, and an M-16 round went right through the Kevlar helmet.
I am presenting this based on my profesional knowledge, and those of you who go for realism should be interested. True, I am presenting Military grade weapons, but, that is what I know. The ranges given here are in meters.


Type: M-16
Range: 500
Diff Mod: -1
Damage: 8
Rate: 3
There are two models, the M16A1, and M16A2. The A1 is the older, vietnam version. The A2 is curently used by our military forces. The A1 is capable of three round burst and full auto, but more likely to jam when on full auto. The A2 is capable of three round burst. Three round burst is, honestly, a waste of ammo against mortal opponants due to the fact that the burst is so quick that you will either hit with all three rounds or miss compleatly. One round will kill a human. it might be advantages against kindred though. The NATO 5.56 round the M16 fires bounces around inside your body, shredding your internal organs. There is often no exit wound.

Type: AK-47
Range: 300
Diff Mod: 0
Damage: 7
Rate: 3
The AK fires on full auto. It is a well built weapon, but meant to be mass produced, not for accuracy. It will fire under virtually any condition, it's main advantage over the M16. The 7.62 round simply goes right through you. If the round doesn't penetrate a vital organ or artery, then you will most likely live.


Type: Flak Jacket
Bash: 3/5
Stab: 2/5
Bullet: 1/4
The number on the right shows after steel plates have been inserted. However, we almost never get them, so you can pretty much rule them out. Contrary to popular belive, flack jackets ARE NOT made of kevlar, but fibreglass.

Type: Kevlar Helmet
Bash: 4
Stab: 4
Bullet: 2/4
If the round hits at an angle, it is less likely to penetrate, and more likely to bounce off. Use the number on the right for angled shots.

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