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Revised Weapons and Armor II

by: Bleep A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

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These weapons are military grade hardware, and getting these should be very difficult. But, then again, Kindred control many aspects of government and industry, and it would be very conceivable that a Vampire controls an arms manufacturer. After all, making weapons has always been a very lucrative business. These two weapons, the M-249 SAW and the M-203 grenade launcher, are used buy Marine and Army riflemen. Range is given in meters. It can not be stressed enough that these are military grade weapons, and storytellers should not hesitate to bring down the authorities, both Kindred and Kine, on characters using these. The attention these weapons bring can easily threaten or blow the Masquerade. In addition to the requisite role-playing to acquire the weapons, acquiring ammo should be equally difficult.

Type: M-249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon)
Range: 800/1000 extreme range
Diff mod: 0/+1 extreme range
Damage: 9

The SAW only fires on full auto. There is no rate listed, because every pull of the trigger will send at least three round down range. The SAW is belt fed, but you can insert an M-16 magazine, but you can NOT use both a belt and a mag at the same time. It WILL jam. The SAW must be well lubed and requires good maintenance to fire effectively. Also, the barrel should be changed after about every 200 rounds to prevent warping. Storytellers are encouraged to be creative when characters aren't responsible with this weapon. Also, an over heated barrel can result in a cook off, which causes the gun to keep firing due to the heat of the gun setting the rounds off even after the shooter has let go of the trigger. SAW ammo comes in 200 round drums. Every 5th round is a tracer round, which might cause aggravated burning damage.

Type: M-203 Grenade launcher
Range: 500
Diff Mod: 0/-1 with quatersite
Rate: 1

Damage: HEDP (high explosive duel purpose);15, decreased by one for every meter away from ground zero.
Incendiary: As the HEDP, only burns, so causes aggravated damage
Buckshot: fires a big shotgun shell, damage 8

The 203 is attached to the bottom of an M-16. It is breach loaded, and takes a turn to reload. The quatersite improves accuracy, but we rarely get them. The weapon is aimed with a leaf site that flips up in the front, but most of the grenadiers I know don't bother with it. Experienced grenadiers have a feel for the weapon and can pretty much judge the angle needed to pull of a shot. Also, the HEDP and Incendiary rounds take about 30-50 meters to arm, and will not explode till armed, though getting hit with a 40mm round will most likely kill whatever was on the receiving end, or at least seriously hurt Kindred.

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