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Revised Weapons and Armor III

by: Bleep A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

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Here, I present to you gear that is often used by police and military in controlling civil disturbances. Considering the Kindreds' propensity to use mortal riots as cover for their own physical conflicts, it is definitely not inconceivable that your characters could be on the receiving end of these. Non-lethal munitions are police and military grade equipment, and their use by civilians WILL draw attention, especially those used only by the military. I am talking serious jail-time in federal prison.

Police batons
Damage of Strength +1.
Riot control personnel are trained to strike areas such as the sides of the upper leg, the shoulder, and to block with them. Strikes to the head, neck, or center of the chest or back should be considered lethal.

Non-lethal Rounds: These rounds cause bashing damage, unless otherwise noted.

Ranges: All ranges are given in meters.
Minimum Safe Distance (MSD): If fired closer than minimum safe distance, these rounds will cause lethal damage. Oh yes, these can still kill, that is why their use it restricted to trained personnel, and only when they are ordered to fire.

There are two types of rounds fired from the twelve-gauge shotgun, the beanbag round, and the rubber fin stabilized round.

12 Gauge Beanbag round
Damage: 5
Range: 50
MSD: 30
These fire a lead filled beanbag.

12 Gauge Rubber Fin Stabilized Round
Damage: 4
Range 30
MSD: 15
This is a very accurate round. Subtract 1 from the difficulty to hit.

There are two rounds fired from the M203 Grenade Launcher (see Revised Weapons and Armor II). They are the Foam Baton Round, and the rubber ball round. These are only used by the military.

40mm Foam Rubber Baton Round
Damage: 5
Range: 15
MSD: 5
This fires three 1.5-inch thick pieces of hard rubber foam. This is very accurate, subtract 1 from difficulty to hit.

40mm Rubber Ball Round
Damage: 5
Range: 30
MSD: 15
This fires several rubber balls about a centimeter in diameter. They have about a 15-degree of arc in from of the muzzle.


Stingerball Grenade
Causes 15 bashing damage at ground zero, where the grenade goes off, subtracting 1 for every meter away. It is usually preferred to throw the grenade above the heads of rioters, to hit more of the crowd.

Tear Gas
This causes no damage, but is a severe eye, throat, and nose irritant. Though it does not prevent you from breathing, those with no experience with it will feel as if they can't breathe. Most people will probably panic and run. It should be noted that many military personnel are required to go through an annual qualification, and often are not bothered by it.
(I have been exposed to it so much it that it doesn't bother me at all.)

Flash Bangs
These cause a loud thunderclap and an extremely blind flash. Those within a meter of the explosion will most likely have permanent hearing loss. Those within about 20 meters of the explosion will be very disoriented, and blinded for a few seconds. Kindred with heightened senses may very well frenzy from the sensory overload.

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Spray, better known as Peppers Spray
OC contains peppers, which burn the skin, eyes, mouth, and nose. The potency of the particular spray is measured in Scoville Heat Units (SHUs).
Civilian brand pepper sprays are about 5,000 SHUs; the one issued to military is about 3,000,000. Many people are not bothered by the civilian or police sprays, particularly those who have been exposed to the military grade OC. Those hit with the military grade OC will not be any more problem. Mortals hit should make courage roll, diff 7 or eight, depending on how much spray they receive. The pain is excruciating, and those affected should reduce their dice pools by about 2 or 3. It is up to the storyteller to determine just how much kindred biology is affected by it. Considering how postal workers sometimes carry it to defend against dogs, one traveling in Lupine territory might consider investing in the stuff, but who knows if it would deter them, or just make them go absolutely berserk.
Military going through riot control training are required to get sprayed with OC, and I can tell you, the pain is indescribable. There is nothing on earth that can possibly be more painful. My friends and I call it Liquid Hell.
Overuse of military grade OC should call for a humanity roll.

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